Baby Led Weaning + BEABA

Hey guys! I have some pretty cool news. My article on ‘Baby-Led-Weaning’ was published on I’m pretty passionate about this method of feeding, so it’s so amazing to see it up there! I’ve also loved to write ever since I was a little girl, so it’s nice to use that skill to help out fellow twin mamas! Check out the article here:

Baby-Led Weaning for Multiples

Twiniversity is a great resource for parents of multiples. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve scanned that site for tips and shortcuts.

I also wanted to leave a review of a new product I’ve been trying out. It’s called the “Baby Cook Plus” by Beaba. A lot of parents have been using Beaba’s original “Baby Cook” for years. The reason I like the newer model is because it actually comes with two containers. Essentially, all you do is dump in a bunch of veggies, hit the steam button, and leave the room. VOILA! Badabingbadaboom. (I may be a little overexcited about this #mumwin)

In around 15 minutes, you have perfectly steamed veggies. It also has a blending feature. You twist the container to the side, and it blends it up to your liking. The clean-up factor is amazing too. I literally just rinse out the containers and put them on the drying rack. No chopping, scrubbing, or using a thousand pots and pans. I’ve included the link and some photos below:

Baby Cook Plus 



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Election Day Giveaway!

I think it’s easy to get caught up with negative feelings today, as it’s certainly a divisive day. But let’s put negativity behind us and come together as Americans with hope and determination for a beautiful future. As some of you know, I immigrated to America as a twelve year old. I love America. I love the opportunity it brings. I love that we all have the freedom to speak our minds and have such diverse political, social, and economic philosophies. At the end of the day, we are not a nation of Republicans and Democrats, but a nation of Americans. I love and support all races and lifestyles, and hope that the progress continues to surge forward. #mytwocents

NOW… let’s turn our attention away from politics for a minute, and talk about this giveaway! I’ve partnered up with Jord Wood Watches to bring you a massive treat! The winner gets $75 shop credit, and all entrants receive $20 shop credit just for participating!!

Enter below:

(This post was sponsored by JORD wood watches)



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10 Christmas Gift Ideas for Him

Brown Formal Shoes / Jord Wood Watch / Cologne

Every year I am stumped by what to get Ty for Christmas. Aren’t guys so hard to shop for?! In an effort to help out all the ladies of the world, I’ve devised a Christmas list that is man-approved:

  1. Video games: My guy isn’t into video games, but I have a lot of friends that are.
  2. JORD wood watches: Ty just received his in the mail, and he’s obsessed with it. If you’re looking for a unique, one-of-a-kind gift for your man, the JORD wood watch is the one to get.
  3. Tickets to his favorite sporting activity: Membership to a local golf course, season football pass, skiing resort pass, etc. – these have been my go-to in the past, and they never disappoint.
  4. Something practical, like a new laptop: Make working from home more enjoyable for him, by replacing that dang ten year old computer on its last leg.
  5. New shoes: I feel like nine times out of ten, I get Ty the wrong pair of shoes, so I’m probably not gonna try this one again, but if your man trusts your taste then this is a good one for you!
  6. Portable battery pack for his phone: I don’t even need to explain why this is a good idea. Do I? Do I?!
  7. A new leather wallet: With the amount of times you’ve accidentally washed his wallet this year, you kinda owe it to him.
  8. Fancy shmancy headphones: ‘Beats by Dre’ is a good place to start, though I’m sure you can get a knockoff brand for cheaper. Test drive some at Best Buy.
  9. ‘Man Crates’: Google it. Ultra manly. Serious wife points.
  10. BBQ cookbook: Because what man doesn’t like a good grilled meat?
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Nine months

     Aztec Blue & Mustard Onesies/ Tan Shoes/ Wooden Toys & Blocks/ White Sleeper Bassinet

I’m kind of obsessed with these Dockatots right now. They’re basically like a plush mattress for your baby. They fit inside the crib to help baby sleep better, or on the go, as they’re super easy to transport and they can nap at other people’s houses. While I absolutely adore mine, I suggest getting yours when your baby is a newborn, so you can use it for a real bassinet.

The onesies are from Finn + Emma. How cute are they?! As a mum of twins, I’m all about onesies. It’s so much easier to coordinate outfits when you don’t have to worry about picking out shirts, pants, and shoes.






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Your Worth


Grey Sweat Shirts + Sweat Pants


I wish I would have known about them earlier. Back when I was insecure and felt uncomfortable in my own skin. Back when I tried my very hardest to conform to other’s ideals of what I should be.

Every second of the day I feel fulfilled. If I’m ever feeling low or insecure, all I need to do is look at their chubby, pink faces, and I’m filled with joy and a sense of purpose.

Sometimes, I feel as women we spend most of our lives questioning whether we’re enough. We have anxiety that we’re not good enough friends, that we don’t say the right things, or that perhaps people gossip about us behind our backs. I say to you all currently feeling this way: Look to your children. To them, you are enough.

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Free Fallin’

Milk Bottle Hat & BlanketStriped Hat & Blanket

I love the transition from summer to fall. There’s always a beautiful melancholy feeling to it. The mornings are brisker, and everyone starts to feel anticipation for the coming holidays. To me, fall signals a realization that I need to buy a whole new closet for my boys. I honestly can’t believe they will be a whole year old by Christmas time. Words can’t describe how excited I am to spend this holiday with them. Christmas last year was very quiet. My sweet 5lb babes spent it in tiny glass cribs, struggling to do basic human things, such as breathe and keep up their heart rates. For me, the holiday was saturated in overwhelming emotions of every kind.

While I’m certain the feeling of fear will never completely subside, I’m excited for the joy of spending the holidays with those I love most, and seeing it through two perfect, innocent eyes for the first time.



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Armani Dress Giveaway!

Red Shoes/Black Armani Dress

I am excited to announce that I’m giving away this black Armani dress! It fits like an absolute glove, and I’m sort of obsessed with it. We have one in every size (never fear!) and I’m so excited for you to be as crazy with it as I am.

To participate:

  1. Follow @dolcedesignerdiscounts on instagram
  2. Follow @jasperandarchie on instagram
  3. Follow @kezzieandco on instagram
  4. Tag a friend in the comments

(one friend = one entry, so tag as many as you like!)

A little about Dolce Designer Discounts: It’s owned and operated by my mum actually! She specializes in finding hand curated designer pieces, and selling them for a fraction of the original price. They are currently revamping their website, but still have their eBay store open.


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11 Parenting Hacks


Shirt / Hats

  1. Buy Quaker Rice Cakes instead of shelling out for baby snacks.
  2. Put a little bit of organic apple juice in their water, to get them to drink more fluids.
  3. Purchase produce in bulk, then blend & freeze it in lots of small containers to save money on baby food.
  4. Buy reusable baby food pouches, so your babies can feed themselves, instead of spoon feeding.
  5. Bathe kids in the paddling pool outside. Since it’s a fun activity, you kill two birds with one stone. Plus, you can make it really shallow for the babies.
  6. Instead of using bibs when feeding the babies, strip them down to their diapers. (Or better yet- if it’s hot, never put clothes on them in the first place!)
  7. If your little one is battling a cold or ear infection, turn on the humidifier and elevate one side of their cribs (it drains the fluid).
  8. Buy a pumping bra. trust me. Being hands-free is the best thing ever.
  9. When you’re out and about, bring a heavy blanket, and use it to prop up the bottle in the carseat. (I’ve been doing this one for ages!)
  10. Use coconut oil for diaper rashes, stretch marks, hair, moisturizer, and much more.
  11. If babies are being fussy, stick one in a bumbo, open the front door, and turn the sprinklers on. They will be fascinated by the water!
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Must-haves for twins (and very busy mums!)

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from raising twin babies, it’s how time consuming it is. Everything is double: Double the diapers, the baths, the feeding, the bottles, the spitting up, the carseats, etc.

Because of this, I’ve found what really works for me, and ditched what doesn’t. I wish I would have learned this all earlier, hence why I’m helping YOU out!

Without further ado, here’s a list of my favorite things:

  1. Ergobaby carrier x2

Ditch the solly, you won’t have enough time to wind/unwind it when the other twin is crying and you need to switch out the current baby you’re wearing.

2. Fisher Price Bouncer

Yes, I know it’s expensive… but my boys are obsessed with it, and yours will be too.

3. Simple, bright, contrast baby books

Babies don’t care about beautifully illustrated books. They care if the color catches their eye. Keep it to one sentence per page, since they lose interest pretty quickly at such a young age.

4. Fruit teethers x2

Perfect for fussy, teething babies, long walks, or as a distraction.

5. Fisher Price seat

Since my boys were held less than most babies (as is the case with most twins), they developed flat backs of their heads. This was really great for keeping their heads off the ground. Don’t bother with the head cushions- my boys rolled right off of them.
6. NutriBullet

Save money on prepackaged baby food, and make your own.

7. Little Green Pouch

I try to not spoon feed since it’s very tedious and I want to teach my boys to be independent. They have been able to feed themselves with these reusable pouches since they were 6 months old. I blend up produce, put it in these, and either freeze or give it straight to them.

8. Baby mum mums

Again, a huge distraction for them. Although they’re obviously not nutritionally amazing, my boys devour them.

9. Gerber baby pouches

These are amazing for on the go! I try to get the boys the savory kind, so they don’t expect sugar in every meal.

10. Avent bottles

While Dr Brown’s bottles supposedly help with colic, I don’t like all of the inserts you have to wash. Avent are definitely my go-to bottle.

11. Snap & Go frame stroller

We still drive a compact car, and this is one of the only double strollers that fits in the trunk. It’s also very lightweight and easy for me to lift by myself.

11. Baby Gate

Most of my friends with one child don’t feel the need to have a baby gate. But for the mamas out there with more than one, this gate will be your best investment yet. Ty & I nicknamed it “the corral” and after much research, this is definitely the best of its kind!

I hope you all find this useful! As always, comment on my Instagram and let me know if you have any other questions on parenting hacks or products I use.



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Game Day Outfit

Shoes / Leggings

I’m wearing this outfit to the Utah vs. San Jose football game. Ty and I are pumped! The leggings are the “live in” Zella leggings from Nordstrom. I literally bought eight pairs during the #nsale and boy, do I live in them… The shoes are obviously Nikes, and worth every penny in my opinion. They are perfect for running errands with twin babies!

If you know me well, you know I’m all about function over fashion, and this simple, comfy outfit hits the mark.

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